Useful apps for self-development


In the pleasant atmosphere this app will help you to form healthy habits and rule out bad habits. You can even schedule by days your healthy habits! And, of course, track your success.


Have you ever noticed, because of constant notifications, you have increased anxiety? That’s entirely reasonable, but what to do with that? Zenify is using mindfulness technique and it can help you to live in the moment and don’t be stressed.


This app has motivation videos, articles about art, psychology and science. Also you can find healthy food and the seek your vocation, in general, everyone will find what he or she is interested in.

Step Out!

Smart alarm for those who find it hard to wake up. This alarm won’t stop ringing until you walk  as many steps as you set yourself to do.

Forest by Seekrtech

Everyone spends too much time on computer/phone/tablet. We work there, study and relax. However sometimes you need to stop and focus on reality — do something without internet. In this app you plant a tree, off your phone and go, and do your things. If you take your phone too early, tree will die. Oh, no!

Speed Reading

This app has more than 20 exercises that can help you to read faster. Read your books with pleasure! By the way, it has been already translated into 13 languages.

Вам может понравиться

Синий цвет — цвет водного и небесного пространства. Вода и воздух — то, что необходимо человеку для жизни. Он символизирует умиротворение, вечность, релаксацию.

Известная британская газета The Telegraph утверждает, что Великобритания является одним из самых дорогих мест для получения высшего образования.

Перфекционист — это не тот, кто просто хочет стать лучше.

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